Free Business Consultant & Resource Broker Services

Free Business Consultant & Resource Broker Services

I'm Dr. Val Torres, and I currently serve as President & CEO at Armada BusinessMD; I operate in the financial services/business consulting space, serving clients in all 50 states. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, and educated in Grenada and the United States, I’m 2nd generation Caribbean-born, of Portuguese and Spanish descent. I graduated from St. Mary's College, Port-of-Spain, (Trinidad) with an associate's degree equivalent (as per the British Education System), and was admitted to St. George's University School of Medicine (Grenada) on a full ride scholarship. I have no bachelor’s degree, as I’ve never needed one. After graduating with my medical doctorate, I chose an unconventional career path and opted out of clinical medicine, in favor of making a name for myself in the field of business. During postgraduate training with doctors from the University of The West Indies (UWI) Network, it became obvious that my talents lay elsewhere. If you're not doing what you love, you're wasting your time; so after spending years chasing a dream that wasn't really mine, I finally committed to reevaluating my life, and my priorities. Then after obtaining my MBA, I began living life on my own terms, as an entrepreneur.

I’ve served in many leadership roles on non-profit boards and community organizations; I currently serve as Advisor for both Florida International University's Business Women In Leadership Program, and The Latino Leadership Institute's Latino Entrepreneur Access Program (LEAP). In addition, I serve on the leadership committee for The Society of Physician Entrepreneur’s (SoPE) Tampa Chapter. But there's more; I also sit on the Board of Directors of The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Pinellas County (Florida).

Business fights poverty, and this has been my mantra in addressing the economic disparities of today's America. I serve as the de facto resource broker for all companies and organizations that collaborate with me. By leveraging my expertise, and professional networks, I shave years off of my clients’ learning curves, ensuring effective implementation of ethical, sustainable, and inclusive business practices. All of which maximize their potential for profitability, and keep their clients begging for more. I exist for the sole purpose of growing your competitive edge, and relevance, in today's hot market.

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